Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spring 2010 RTW. Girly, Flirty, Sparkle, & GIRL POWER !

one thing i am noticing in the future collection coming this SPRING is that they are very, well for women's fashion, is it being very feminine, or on the other hand it is about colors, of coarse, but very youthful. this is only a small portion of the designers and their new SPRING collection.

Louis Vuitton


Tommy Hilfiger

- this is just basically my opinion on the latest fashion coming out this SPRING. i also see alot of military and goddess design which s just a form of what ths post is about. they try to make the military fashion in a way to say, "HEY, i am doing what a man does, but am a woman." i am really excited about the SPRING, looks like i am bring out the shorts, tanks, and the FEDORA ?

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