Friday, December 4, 2009


Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Models: Lily Cole, Steffani J.A. Germanotta, Andrew Garfield
Stylist: Grace Coodington

OMG, so i was in my local BOOKS-A-MILLION, when i saw the December issue of VOGUE. i was brushing through the amazing art work and page when i came across photography which impicts a Hansel & Gretel piece. the pictures come off a little sad and depressing, and yet a little comical, in my opinion. it show how their journey back home is a struggle & yet its FASHION

the stylist Grace Coodington, in my opinion, could have not done a better job. her fashions were on point, and were not costume at all. it was is they were a common day 2010 European Hansel and Gretel, on their way back to their flat in London ! there was much of chiffon fabric skirts with HEAVY price tags by our FAVORITES, such as Chloe, D&G, and Oscar De La Renta. &&& by throwing Lady Gaga into mix attracts a additional totally different crowd of people. thanks VOGUE


  1. you are right about GAGA. no matter how out of sorts or out of pocket her outfit is it is always on point

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