Thursday, December 3, 2009

first but not the least... why am i here ? listen to MY JOURNEY...

OKAY, so i am not really new at this sort of thing. but figured that since i am moving to NEW YORK in the next year i should publish my journey through blogspot, & i am noticing that i am loving it, some what ?

my NEW home, in about 6 months !

SO, i am really interested in FASHION DESIGN & MARKETING ! i been interested in fashion since i was a little kid. BUT !!! i was often told that someone like me would never make it in the fashion world. so basically i grew up, focused on what i want to do, & here i am today. i currently work for
American Eagle Outfitters in Jacksonville, FL.

Live Your Life, Love Your Job !

i love working there, the job is a amazing opportunity for me to start my career in FASHION. they inspire me to build outfits for customers which gives me practice for the real world in what people like. and hopefully i can transfer to a store up north in the NYC ! the reason why i am going to the NYC is because i applied for college in PARSONS & F.I.T.

my NEW school, in about 6 months ! just waiting for a response ? ;] WISH ME LUCK !


  1. its real cool that you wanna be in the fashion world even though you hear how hard it is and it takes a strong person to follow such a passion. I wanna work at AE also, I currently work at a grocery store and i hate it! but Im gonna apply for AE and would like to know what your experience of the store is like.

  2. i had a amazing first experience with AE, i love working there. i love getting with customers and working and outfitting them, and they even ask for my personal advice on a outfit. BUT ALSO, at the end of the day, its a business and we have our goals to make, & i love the challenge !